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8th Annual Charity Bowl Tackles Breast Cancer


The 8th Annual “Charity Bowl” benefiting the Breast Cancer Research Foundation of Alabama (BCRFA) took place Saturday, August 13, at the Noble Youth Athletic Complex in Gardendale, raising $18,000 for cancer research in Alabama.

“Now in our eighth year of fundraising, the Gardendale Youth Football Association is proud to partner with Hoover Youth Football in the efforts to raise both awareness and funding for breast cancer research in Alabama,” said Wes Fuller, President for the Gardendale Youth Football Association. “We are truly grateful to our community for helping us donate over $138,000 to research since 2009!”

“We are overwhelmed by the support we received in the past, and are honored that the Gardendale Youth Football Association has chosen to continue their support of BCRFA as the recipients of the funds raised from the 8th annual event,” said Kate Kiefer, BCRFA President. “It is evident that fundraising is not their only goal of this event. During each game at halftime, breast cancer survivors were invited to the field and the entire park stopped to honor their courage and strength.”

“Charity Bowl would not be possible if it were not for the youth football players, cheerleaders and their parents along with the support of the Gardendale Community and Hoover Youth Football. It is truly amazing to witness both communities come together for something that means so much to so many,” said Mr. Fuller.

“We have all been touched by breast cancer, in some way,” said Mr. Fuller.  “This is our way of being part of the solution.  Our goal is to achieve two things: first, to fund research in Alabama, and second to teach our children at an early age to be good stewards of the community and volunteer for causes they believe in. The Charity Bowl is not your ordinary football game; it is a game with a purpose.”

 About the Breast Cancer Research Foundation of Alabama

The Breast Cancer Research Foundation of Alabama supports a comprehensive approach to battling breast cancer through support of collaborative and innovative research to help diagnose, treat, prevent and eradicate the disease. Since its inception in 1996, the BCRFA has raised over $5.8 million to fund research at the UAB Comprehensive Cancer Center and with their collaborative partners. All funds raised stay here in the state of Alabama, but the research will have a global, life-saving impact.

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