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Invest in local, lifesaving research today.

To download our printable donation form, click here.

More Ways to Give

There are several ways you can support the BCRFA and our mission:

  • Gifts of cash or stocks
  • Beneficiary designations from your will, trust, or retirement accounts
  • Donations of property (real estate or vehicles)
  • Any combination of the above to maximize your tax benefits and impact

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Legacy & Planned Giving

Legacy gifts offer creative, flexible strategies for your estate and charitable planning. These techniques make use of legal and tax strategies to best suit your unique situation and help you accomplish the personal and philanthropic goals that mean the most to you.

Types of legacy gifts include bequests, trust provisions, retirement fund beneficiary designations, charitable gift annuities, and gifts of an asset such as personal property or real estate.

IRA Distributions

The IRA Charitable Rollover (also known as a Qualified Charitable Distribution) is an excellent way to support the BCRFA and receive tax benefits in return.  Donors aged 70.5 and older can take advantage of this technique and transfer up to $100,000 directly from a qualified retirement plan to BCRFA.  You won’t pay any income tax on the charitable transfer and, if you have to take Required Minimum Distribution (RMD), the transfer counts toward your Required Minimum Distribution.

Legal name: The Breast Cancer Research Foundation of Alabama

Legal address: 15 Office Park Circle, Suite 140, Birmingham, AL 35223

Federal tax ID number:  63-1162650


If you have stock in a taxable account that has appreciated in value, you can donate it directly to the BCRFA through our account at Merrill Lynch.

Donating gifts of appreciated securities that have been held for more than one year enables you to:

  • Avoid capital gains tax on the appreciated portion of the stock
  • Qualify for the tax deduction equal to the stock’s full fair market value
  • Make a larger gift than might be possible otherwise

Please let us know when you plan to make a gift. We will not know to expect your gift unless you notify us. We want to note your giving record and properly thank you for your generosity.

Legal name: The Breast Cancer Research Foundation of Alabama

Federal tax ID number:  63-1162650

Beth Davis, President & CEO
[email protected]

Or have your broker contact:
Bonnye Paul or Bryan Morgan at Merrill-Lynch
Phone: 205.326.9699
BCRFA DTC #: 8862
BCRFA Merrill-Lynch Acct #: 52402931

Donor Advised Funds

The BCRFA, as a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, accepts gifts through Donor Advised Funds (DAFs). To make a gift through your DAF, first contact your financial/legal advisor or your DAF representative to recommend a grant to the BCRFA. We hope you will choose to include your contact information with your gift so that we can thank you for your generosity. Your DAF administrator may require the following information:

Legal name: The Breast Cancer Research Foundation of Alabama

Legal address: 15 Office Park Circle, Suite 140, Birmingham, AL 35223

Federal tax ID number:  63-1162650

Limitations to donating through a donor-advised fund:

  • Donors cannot use their DAF to pay off an already existing debt or obligation.
  • Money in DAFs have already received tax deductions, therefore a gift from a DAF cannot be used to pay for goods and services, such as event tickets or thank you gifts.

To learn more about any of these and other legacy giving options, please contact:

Beth Davis
President & CEO
[email protected]

Donate Your Vehicle

Donate any car, truck, boat, motorcycle, or recreational vehicle to Vehicles for Charity to support the BCRFA and breast cancer research in Alabama. Your vehicle, running or non-running, will be sold at auction, with the proceeds benefitting BCRFA. You’ll benefit by claiming this tax-deductible donation and avoiding any of the costs associated with selling or junking your vehicle.

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Gift Matching

Many employers have matching gift programs and will match your donation to an accredited charitable organization. It’s an easy way to double or even triple the impact of your personal contribution to the BCRFA. Click below to find out if your employer will match your gift.

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Create a Facebook Fundraiser

Click here to easily create a fundraiser for the BCRFA using Facebook. Share it with your friends and encourage them to help you reach your goal.

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